Lightroom Workshop Series
Basic Beginners Lightroom
6-hours (2-sessions) Lightroom Classic

MAPS (Morton Arboretum Photographic Society) is pleased to present a series of virtual Lightroom Workshops presented by MAPS member Robert E. Potter III. Robert is President emeritus of the Chicago Midwest chapter of American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) and presently a member of the Panoramic Images team in Skokie ( He also previously presented two programs for MAPS (Panoramas and Monarch Butterflies). Visit Robert’s websites: and for more information on his work.

The goal of this Members ONLY workshop is to introduce Adobe Lightroom Classic and empower you with the basic knowledge & skills to import, edit (select), develop (process the image), and export an image with the proper parameters (naming convention, size, and file format) for the MAPS critiques.

If you are interested in membership in MAPS you can find the registration form here: “Click To Join”.

Session 2 – February 24th – Saturday 9 AM to Noon via Zoom

4) Library Module basics

a. The difference between “Folders” and “Collections”
b. Importing & Organizing
c. Renaming photos

5) Develop Module Basics

a. Basics photo editing/development
b. Cropping photos
c. Exporting Photos (how to export and save jpegs the right size for MAPS Exhibits)

Session 1 – February 17th – Saturday 9 AM to Noon via Zoom

1) Photoshop? Bridge? Lightroom? Which do you use and Why?

a. Choosing the Right Lightroom – Lightroom Classic
b. An example of the process – I will use one of my images to show you how this is easily done: edit/select, develop/process the image, and export it with the proper parameters for the MAPS critiques. Then in the second session, I will go through this step by step.

2) The Lightroom GUI (Graphical User Interface)

a. Overview of the Modules: Library, Develop, Map, Book, Slideshow, Print, Web
b. Getting Around Lightroom, and Preferences

3) How Lightroom works

a. Where are my photos?
b. Why don’t I see the changes I made to them if I open them up in a different program?
c. What happens if I change a photo outside of the Lightroom interface or move it?

Robert will be presenting the workshops via Zoom from his studio and all registrants will be provided a link to virtually join the Zoom sessions.

The Zoom sessions will be recorded and available on the MAPS website for future member reference. No limits planned for the number of registrants – but if you cannot attend, remember it will be recorded.

Register For BOTH Sessions!

If there are any immediate questions, please contact Roger Mattingly via email at