Morton Arboretum Photographic Society Virtual Photo Exhibit

Morton Arboretum Virtual Nature Exhibit

Potter School of Photography is pleased to announce two of its students are exhibited in the Morton Arboretum Virtual Nature Exhibit, an online event. Maria rosa Costanzo and S. Luis Rathje are each represented with images from their safari to Everglades National Park. Robert, too, is represented with three images from his safari to Michoacan, Mexico.

Everglades National Park is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States encompassing 1.5 million acres. Created in 1934, with many land area additions over the years, the park is home to a vast variety of wildlife living in nine distinct natural habitats including, pine rocklands, coastal lowlands and marine waters. But the park is best known for its mangroves, sawgrass prairies, and freshwater slough. The Park is home to many endangered species and was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

Robert visited the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve for the annual Monarch butterfly migration. “Overwhelming” was the best single word description Robert could offer from the experience. “This is why I became a photographer, you cannot describe the migration with words, you need images”!

The Monarcy Butterfly Biosphere Reserve is also listed as a World Heritage Site with UNESCO.

If you’d like to learn more about photography or how and where to go on Safari with your camera, contact the Potter School of Photography today!

Maria Rosa Costanzo, MD, FACC, FAHA

Dr. Costanzo is a cardiologist, philanthropist, mother, adventurer, photographer, and reveler in life. When she is not writing or presenting on heart health, wellness and all other things ‘cardiology’, she can be found shooting images or compiling these into books for her family and friends.

S. Louis Rathje is a former Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court, advocate of the arts, student of life

S. Louis Rathje

S. Louis Rathje is a former Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court, advocate of the arts, student of life, the Potter School of Photography, and lover of technology and photography. Rathje photographs the world with his beloved, Maria Rosa Costanzo.

REP3 - Robert Erving Potter III - 312-226-2060 email:

Robert E. Potter III

Robert specializes in photographing the creation process and human interaction and to spark an emotional experience in those who see the images he creates.

For more information on great equipment, photography, and photography lessons, call Robert at 312-226-2060.